If the solution "turnkey" is said to match with the number of certain customers, for other customers, that solutions do not allow them to optimally manage specific issues related to of the business, even customers who are in need to the special features, specialized of business.

This is the reason why we want to offer software development services as the needs of customers, to expand and deepen the special requirements related to specific business.

With a staff of good experience and enthusiasm, we always learn new knowledge, we will bring you the most practical software, the most effective for the business of the enterprise. We are always willing to give advice and find the most optimal solution to support the company's business.


Software Development Service

Some software products which we designed and deployed:

  • Translation management system.
  • Electronic communication book BenSMS.
  • Online sales management system.
  • Pharmacy management system.
  • Work management system.

Benportal is web design solution for businesses and e-commerce website with full features beyond expectation as well as investment cost of customer. Benportal is developed on cloud computing platform; it gives maximum flexibility for customers in upgrading and expanding service.

With BenPortal, you can own a professional sales website with full of features and solutions, it helps you have peace of mind to conquer the customer on the internet without worry about complex technical issues such as: domain, hosting.


Strong brand web design services

With the powerful configuration server system, high-speed transmission lines ensure the most optimal conditions for the quality of services and solutions when you choose Bentic. Hosting of Bentic supports popular programming languages and be always updated “control panel”. It is very easy to use.


Web hosting 

Professional email hosting solutions meet the ability to send, receive email with large quantities; fast and stable way; and high security.

Email hosting services

This is an independent private server rental services for all individuals and organizations wishing to exchange the large data with stabile speed and high security. With this service, managers and exploiters of server have the highest access rights; they can set optionally, set system and applications which suit individual needs.

Private Server is considered the optimal solution for the operation of the website, the advantage of this solution is that you use independently a dedicated system, it is not shared with anyone, and especially, the capacity of server can be expanded infinitely. It is not restricted the specific software installation for some special industries, server has remote control.

Private Server Rental

Bentic is among those agents that register the large domain in Vietnam. Bentic has system of modern DNS servers, high security, with a staff of high qualification. They always serve enthusiastically and thoughtfully. You can feel secure when using domain registration services at Bentic.


Domain services

SSL is the abbreviation of Secure Sockets Layer, it is a security standard for global technology to create web server and browsers are always secured and safe. SSL is an industry standard which is used by encrypted link between web server and browser. This link ensures that all data is exchanged between the millions of websites in the protection of online transactions with their customers.


SSL Services

Bentic provides digital data solutions. They help you to build customer databases with high potential targets for each individual product. This will help reduce the time to support for marketing campaigns, reduce costs.


Digital data services

Bentic provides services related to SMS marketing as head of SMS, SMS brandname. They help you to optimize comprehensively the business campaigns, promote the brand of customers.

SMS Brandname services

About Us

Bentic.,JSC mainly works as a Software Development Company. Besides we also provide other services such as: Translation services, Visa services, Sim services for mobile phone,...


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